Current Semester Information, Dates and Deadlines

Registration with ARS​

  • Registration with ARS through the submission of a Self-ID with documentation is welcome at anytime, but in order for accommodation determinations to be made for Spring 2018 Finals ARS must receive a submission comprising a Self-ID form and all necessary documentation by Midnight on Monday 16th April 2018. See Student and Applicant Accommodations. The Self-ID form and documentation upload is available at the Register link.

    Instructor notifications, midterms, alternative format and supplementary notes

    • Registration status with ARS allows students to issue Accommodations Notifications to their instructors using ARS's online notification portal. This specifies the accommodations agreed with ARS and identified as 'reasonable'. ARS reminds students that they are required to make contact with their instructors following the issuance of the accommodations notifications to discuss the ways in which the accommodations identified can be most effectively implemented. This also allows instructors to identify any potential difficulties with the accommodations identified in relation to their particular class.
    • Returning and newly registered students anticipating needing accommodations of any sort in a class will need to issue Faculty Notifications from as soon as possible but by Noon on Friday January 26th at the latest.
    • If you do not communicate your approved accommodations, your faculty are not legally obliged to provide them.
    • In addition, students with Alternative Text requirements and Supplementary Notetaking Service requests will need to submit these by Noon on Friday January 26th using the appropriate form:
    • All regular midterms must be scheduled by Noon on Friday April 13th.

    Request Priority Registration for Fall 2018 classes using this Priority Registration form.

    • ​If you have previously applied for and received priority registration you will not automatically be granted PR - you must submit a new request.
    • Please submit your request by the deadline - October 13th

    Spring 2018 Finals

    • ARS registered students will be able to start scheduling Finals with ARS from Noon on Friday April 13th to Noon on Friday April 20th; Finals begin on Monday April 30th. ARS proctors approximately 1300 examinations during the 6 day final exam period and it is necessary to plan appropriately.
    • Please note that Finals are not scheduled at the same time as the semester class times but according to the Finals Schedule issued by The Registrar and available at
    • The regular final length will be considered to be 3 hours unless otherwise specified by the class instructor; students should consult their class syllabi and/or class instructor for information about the length of the class final and to ask if the instructor has any preference / concerns around scheduling.
    • ARS will hold 2 start times of 8am and 3pm. Students should liaise with their instructors to agree a suitable start time and are encouraged to select the start time (8am or 3pm) that is closest to the actual start time of their final unless there are other conflicts.
    • Failure to make the appropriate arrangements and within the deadlines specified may result in a student not being able to utilize accommodations.
    • ARS will not make any exemptions or alternative arrangements to these start times. We are communicating this information early in order that students can liaise with instructors to agree appropriate arrangements and so that instructors can make their own arrangements if they so wish.  
    • Students schedule examinations; ARS will undertake to assist with the identification of scheduling errors but will not assume unilateral responsibility for this or for the correction thereof. Instructors are sent scheduling information with start and finish times and are invited to assist with the identification of errors. 
    • Instructors are reminded that agreed accommodations are legally mandated.
    • ARS will not be able proctor any finals with audio/visual or timed components.
    • ARS encourages faculty to make 'local' arrangements for students with accommodations and my staff will be happy to offer assistance and advice concerning any such local provisions you wish to make.
    • The most common testing accommodations are +50% extended testing time (making a 50 minute mid-term 75 minutes, a 75 minute mid-term 112 minutes and a 3 hour final 4.5 hours) in a 'low distraction setting'; this is a setting outside the usual classroom or testing center that limits interruptions and other environmental influences or interruptions.