Extensions to Assignment / Project / Paper Deadlines

Extensions to Assignment / Project / Paper Deadlines

Provide details of assignment deadlines well in advance. Many students have difficulty prioritizing and focusing on the required elements of the assessment and so providing clear specific details makes it easier for a student to complete an assignment. Providing deadlines well in advance enables a student to structure their study time so that they divide their time appropriately between classes and competing demands on their time.

A student with dyslexia may find that completion of assignments takes longer, so provision of deadlines well in advance enables students to pace their workload. Similarly, a blind student can effectively manage the conversion of information to alternative formats in readiness for the assignment.

In spite of this, there may be some circumstances where students need assistance through the extension of a deadline, for example, when a student is particularly symptomatic in relation to a chronic medical condition, or experiences a mental health challenge.

ARS staff and faculty members will need to be assured that this accommodation is entirely justifiable and should be granted only in the following circumstances:

  • The accommodation is appropriate and reasonable in relation to the student's medical condition / disability and the particular challenges the student experiences as a consequence of the medical condition / disability.
  • The granting of this particular accommodation does not fundamentally compromise the critical, fundamental purpose or focus of the assessment task.
  • Academic standards are not compromised.

All three of these conditions should be met in order to move forward with this accommodation.

Faculty members are encouraged to use 'extended' assessment tasks which are 'universal' in their design, thus obviating the need for this accommodation to be negotiated for an individual student.

An essay paper with a maximum word limit of say 2500 words which the faculty member estimates should be completed within a week by the vast majority of students but with a time limit of 2 weeks (where the end-result under a time constraint is not a critical component of the task) is an example of an assessment task with 'universal design' features.

Of course, if the completion of a task to a certain, prescribed level or standard within a 'critical' time-frame is a critical component of an assessment task then it goes without saying that a time extension cannot be granted.

Students needing to use the extension accommodation may negotiate this directly with the class instructor or may complete the  Deadline Extension Request Form.