Mobility Support FAQ


Adaptive Physical Education

Students are required to take one physical education activity course (LFIT) to meet the University’s graduation requirements. There is currently a wide range of different physical education activity courses offered to students who require varying degrees of proficiency. Whenever possible, students with disabilities are enrolled in the regularly scheduled course, however, when it is not feasible or possible for the student to participate in these classes, the Department of Physical Education offers an Adaptive course (PHYA 1) that allows the student to meet the physical education requirement.

Class Relocation to Facilitate Access

UNC - Chapel Hill is generally a very accessible campus in terms of classroom access; however there are a few classrooms on campus that are inaccessible. In these instances ARS can work with class scheduling colleagues to enable a student with a mobility / physical disability to access the class.

Ergonomic Seating / Desking

The student may have mobility / ergonomic needs which require individualized seating / desking. Faculty can assist by facilitating the student's access to and selection of these resources.

Personal Assistant

The use of a Personal Attendant may be required to facilitate mobility around campus and assist with personal care needs. PAs are expected to follow all applicable University policies and are not allowed to interfere with learning, classroom activities or discussions in any way other than under the student's direction and with the agreement of faculty colleagues. NOTE: In collaboration with campus partners, ARS will assist with the identification of appropriate PA staff but cannot fund this support.

Priority Registration for Classes

This provides an opportunity for some students with significant additional needs to plan a class schedule that enables them to manage a range of difficulties and impacts arising from a disability including physical access/mobility difficulties, efficacy of medication and stamina and to choose course times that allow them to most effectively utilize testing accommodations. NOTE: This accommodation is not granted by ARS, but all students registered with ARS are notified in time to petition for consideration by the Priority Registration Committee.

Point-to-Point Transport

P-2-P is an on-demand transport service for students with mobility difficulties, available 24 hour Monday through Friday and 9am - 5pm Saturday and Sunday. All on-campus locations and a limited number of off-campus locations are served. The fleet of P2P vehicles include vans equipped with wheelchair lifts.