Self Referral Campus Support Organizations

The Academic Success Program for LD & AD/HD in The Learning Centre: - where students can get assistance from peer tutors, benefit from a range of study skills classes and groups and programs and get individual 1:1 academic coaching.

Campus Health Services: - for health services and medication management.

Campus Health Services: - for nutrition counseling from registered dietitians (RDs) and Nutrition graduate students. They can work with you to create a tailored nutrition plan that fits into your busy lifestyle and can help you achieve your personal health goals in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Campus Health Services: - for medication management / prescriptions

Counseling and Psychological Services: - for individual counseling and theme/support groups.

Carolina Ready Safety App: The Carolina Ready Safety App provides students, faculty and staff with a direct connection to UNC Police so that everyone can easily communicate all their safety needs. Its easy-to-use features help you stay safe every day and enable us to better protect you.

Smart 911: - by providing essential information to Smart911 in advance, you ensure that the dispatchers are able to convey critical information to police, or emergency responders. This can be of enormous help to those responding by ensuring that they have information which may not be readily available when they first arrive. This may be particularly relevant to students with chronic medical conditions, Autistic Spectrum Disorder or a mental health difficulty.