Visual Support FAQ


Captions / Sub-titling

Videos shown in class, or those that students are expected to view, must have captions.

UNC's Digital Accessibility Office has trainings and resources that can help with this.

E-Books / Alternative Format Course Textbooks

Some students will need course textbooks in an electronic format or in an appropriate alternative format to facilitate their access to such, for example via large print, Braille, DAISY Audio format. An increasing number of academic texts are available in an electronic format; AccessText hosts a comprehensive directory of accessible texts and is a useful starting point.

Where no electronic version of a textbook is already available, then the only alternative is for the student to give the book to ARS and for staff to cut the spine off the book, scan each page via optical character recognition software, proof-read the output and correct errors and introduce appropriate formatting to facilitate the student's access to this text via their assistive technology resources e.g. a screen reader. This is a very time-intensive and expensive process.

Faculty colleagues can assist by ensuring that any textbooks included on a reading list have a pre-existing electronic version and by making reference to any such versions in their reading lists - use AccessText's Accessible Textbook Finder for the availability of alternative, digital versions of texts you are planning to use. 

Students with this accommodation and needing an appropriate alternative format should visit contact ARS for assistance.

Full Oral Descriptions of Visually Presented Material

This is the reading and describing of all visual content that is displayed; specific information is spoken, technical terms spelled, etc. Faculty staff are asked to express in words and describe all visual information presented in class, such as: material on the board / overhead, demonstrations, visual displays or models, graphs etc., alternatively, the student may be given an accessible copy for personal / desk use.