For Faculty & Staff

Accommodations are provided to qualified students who have provided documentation that supports the need for such support so they may, as independently as possible, meet the demands of university life.

The Provost directs that accommodations should be facilitated by instructors and staff as directed by ARS.

If a student discloses a disability to you or requests accommodations and you have not received a request or notification from ARS, please refer the student to ARS at your earliest opportunity.

If you believe that an accommodation is not reasonable, please contact ARS before denying an accommodation to a student.  Similarly, if, at any time, you believe that further accommodations would be appropriate or if you have questions about any accommodation, you are encouraged to discuss your concerns with an ARS staff member.

ARS is always happy to connect informally or provide more formal input to campus partners, offices, departments and individual staff members about accommodations, resources and services.

In addition, ARS is able to contribute to meetings, conferences and class sessions on a range of topics including assistive technologies, universal design, accessible web-design and the legal framework governing provision for students with disabilities.