Fall 2017 Finals - seating placement locations

Our ARS Portal is now closed and no more Fall 2017 Final Exams can be scheduled.​

Seating Placement:

  • Now the Portal has closed, ARS will begin seating placement assignments. Students will be notified via email of their testing locations. For most days there will be two testing locations; In SASB North in the ARS Suite and in the Student Union - 3rd Floor. On Friday 15th December at 3pm the 2 locations will be in SASB North in the ARS Suite and in the Loudermilk Center. Once assigned, students cannot be moved. Students cannot request special seating placement. Assignments are based on approved accommodations and cannot be altered.

Failure to make the appropriate arrangements and adhere to ARS scheduling policies and procedures will result in a student not being able to utilize their accommodations during final exams with ARS.

ARS staff cannot make changes to final exam scheduling outside of the portal parameters. ARS will proctor nearly 1400 final exams across this 7-day window. We cannot make last minute changes or adjustments, and are not equipped to facilitate any exams outside of the parameters set forth. If you have any questions concerning the administration of final exams, we encourage you to email our office at ars@unc.edu for clarification.

Thank you,

The ARS Team

Tiffany, Simon, Viviane, Haydée, and Scarlett