FAQs for Instructors

The ARS Office and ARS Testing Center continue to modify operations to match current circumstances and guidance.


What if a student who is not connected with ARS needs accommodations?

The process to request accommodations is still the same. Students should fill a Self-ID Form to CONNECT with ARS, and provide documentation of their disability or medical condition. For more information on documentation, please visit our Registration and Documentation page.

I am an instructor and I need help making my class accessible. Can ARS help?

ARS will be glad to assist you. Please use the resource page compiled by ARS for assistance addressing key accessibility considerations and helpful links. This webpage will be a repository of information that will be updated periodically, and we hope it will assist you in answering on-going questions. If you have resources that you think would be helpful to put on the site, please email so we can include them. If you still have questions, please email ars@unc.edu or call 919-962-8300 to leave a message.

Assistance is also available from our colleagues in the Digital Accessibility Office (DAO). The DAO has a growing schedule of trainings.

ARS also recommends the Webinars and Training offered by the Georgia Tech Institute. Please check their webpage for free upcoming webinars as well as recordings of past webinars.    

What do I do about a student with a disability who is misbehaving, threatening, or rude?

All students are expected to abide by the University Code of Conduct. Poor behavior is not excused on the basis of disability.  Respond to the behavior issue as you would with any other student. 

What accommodations are required if a student discloses a disability after the fact (e.g., after failing an exam or assignment)?

None. Accommodation requests are not retroactive. However, we ask professors to use discretion on listening to students concerns and that each request is evaluated individually as you would for any student.

I suspect that a student has a disability. How do I talk to the student about my concern?

You can tell the student that you have noticed they are struggling and ask if there is anything that is going on with them that would be helpful for you to know. If they disclose that they have a disability, refer them to our office or connect the student with us and we will reach out to them with further steps. Another great resource is the Learning Center as they can assist any students with learning difficulties independently of them having (or not) a disability.