Dates & Deadlines: Fall 2018

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Connecting with ARS to receive accommodations for Fall Finals 2018:

  • The last day for a student to submit documentation to ensure we are able to make a determination for Fall 2018 Finals is Monday, 11/26 at 5pm.

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Fall 2018 Finals Scheduling:

  • Scheduling for Fall Finals will start at Noon on Wednesday 21st November and end at Noon on Friday 30th November 2018. The Fall 2018 examination schedule is available here
  • Fall Finals are scheduled for
    • Friday December 7th
    • Saturday December 8th
    • Monday December 10th
    • Tuesday December 11th
    • Thursday December 13th
    • Friday December 14th 
  • ARS will hold 2 start times each finals day of 9am and 3pm. No exams will be proctored on Reading Days.
  • Students needing to move exams as a result of accommodations granted will be able to use the Exam Excuse Form available on the Academic Advising website. This form will be available between Wednesday, 10/17 and Wednesday, 10/28.

Fall 2018 tests and exams:

Exam Scheduling: To schedule an exam, you must have sent instructor notifications and have entered your courses into the testing portal (in addition to the section for instructor notifications). With summer projects and limited staffing, we will not be able to make changes and updates outside of the portal parameters and deadlines, so please keep the following in mind when scheduling:

  • You must use the portal and abide by the 4-business day rule. For example, if you login to the portal on a Wednesday, the earliest you can schedule an exam would be Tuesday of the following week. The day you login and weekends do not count; Saturdays and Sundays are treated as a Monday and so if you login on a Saturday or Sunday the earliest you can schedule an exam would be Friday of the following week.
  • You need to keep in mind any extended time you receive. Our office will open for testing Monday through Friday starting at 8:00 AM, and will stop all testing at 8:00 PM Monday through Thursday, and 5:00 PM on Fridays. For example, if you test for an hour (including your extended time), you will need to start your test no later than 7:00 PM to be done by the 8:00 PM cut-off. If scheduling that same exam on a Friday, you would need to start at 4:00 PM.
  • When entering your exam time in the portal, DO NOT enter your extended time. Enter the regular time limit that the class will test.
  • If your extended time puts you past our check-out/closing time, or will make you late for your next class, you are required to email your instructor to get permission to test early. The portal sends out notifications each day for the upcoming testing schedule. If your instructor emails us back that they did not approve of the time you entered into the portal, we will not be able to switch your time and you will not be able to test with us that day.
  • If you were unable to make your request for testing via the portal, you can use the Non-Standard Test/Exam Scheduling Request on our website ( to request an exception. Submission of this form does NOT guarantee your test can be scheduled. ARS will reach out to confirm a scheduled exam ONLY if we are able to schedule it. Each request is considered on a case-by-case basis: seating and staff availability, timeliness of your request, extenuating factors related to disability or illness, and prior request record will all be considered when reviewing this request.