Important information about Fall 2017

Important information about Fall 2017

Instructor Notification Emails

These should be sent at the beginning of the academic session using the online notification system available from

You will receive a copy of the email. You should communicate directly with each faculty member individually to discuss the details and implementation of your accommodations. Faculty members concerned about any accommodation will know to contact ARS to discuss the issue.

Test / final exam scheduling information

  • Schedule on-line at - ARS will be pleased to proctor mid-term tests on the behalf of Instructors starting at 8am and concluding at 8pm.
  • Tests / exams must be scheduled 3 complete business days (does not include Saturday & Sunday) before the test / exam. The ‘scheduling’ day (when you go online), the day of the exam and weekend days NOT count as business days.
  • If you fail to schedule a tests / exam, plan to take it with the class.
  • Purposely scheduling a test / exam for another day/time and then asking for it to be moved so that it can be scheduled on-line is an Honor Code violation.
  • If an examination is rescheduled, have the Instructor contact us via email indicating the new date/time of the examination.
  • The starting times of finals are set by the Registrar and are available from this schedule:
  • PLEASE NOTE - ARS takes its Test Proctoring responsibilities very seriously and has stringent measures in place to ensure that academic integrity and the Carolina Honor Code are upheld; any student suspected of breaking the Honor Code will be reported to the Office for Student Conduct without exception.


  • Accessibility Resources can make Audio-Notetaker, a Smart-Pen or Digital Recorder available to you to support your in-class notetaking. To check out equipment, please fill out the Audio-Notetaker Loan Request Form. Requests will NOT be accepted via e-mail. The availability of these resources has replaced the 'supplementary notetaking service'; The Learning Center can offer assistance with developing effective notetaking skills.



  • If deadline extensions (to papers, assignments and reports etc) is an approved accommodation, you should discuss this at your earliest opportunity with your Instructor - when classes start and before you need to ask for this accommodation. Then, if you need to use this accommodation you must complete the Deadline Extension Request Form. This form must be completed for each deadline extension request. The Learning Center can offer assistance with managing workloads and coursework.

If you have any questions please Contact ARS.