Using Google Drive - Faculty

Using Google Drive - Faculty

Google Document

  • Upload your class syllabus


  • Upload the reading list


  • Upload outline / skeleton notes for each lecture


  • Share pre-class / post-class notes


  • Upload additional, supportive, supplementary notes and links


  • Invite 'class-notetaker(s)' / 'scribe(s)' to upload lecture notes and invite class to collaborate to refine and annotate these notes​


  • Have students use Google Document to write their papers which they can share with you for feedback before submission and / or after submission


  • Set your class a 'collaborative' assignment - ensure individual contributions can be identified by having students turn on notifications


  • Provide assignment criteria / rubric


Google Presentation

  • Upload lecture presentations

Google Spreadsheet

  • Assignment checklist and submissions


  • Record grades with an organized grade book


  • Track attendance, assignments turned-in, grades


  • Store a database of contact information for students


  • Upload a weekly class schedule


  • Plot out lecture schedule and assessment events


Google Form

  • Collect contact details for students to create a mailing list for class


  • Create quizzes / solicit feedback


Google Draw

  • Use for 'graphical representation' (GR) of process, procedure, knowledge


  • Set assignment - partially completed GR, students to complete and submit for grading