Spring 2018 - dates and deadlines

Returning, registered students anticipating needing accommodations of any sort in a class will need to issue Faculty Notifications from https://arsportal.unc.edu as soon as possible after the start of the semester, but by Noon on Wednesday January 24th at the latest. 

The notification email specifies the accommodations agreed with ARS and identified as 'reasonable'. ARS reminds students that they are required to make contact with their instructors following the issuance of the accommodations notifications to discuss the ways in which the accommodations identified can be most effectively implemented. This also allows instructors to identify any potential difficulties with the accommodations identified in relation to their particular class.

If you do not communicate your approved accommodations, your instructors are not legally obliged to provide them.

In addition, students with Alternative Text requirements and Supplementary Notetaking Service requests will need to submit these by Noon on Friday January 24th using the appropriate form:

All exams, including midterms and some finals, occurring between January 10th 2018 and April 27th 2018 must be scheduled in the ARS Portal no later than 11.59pm on April 10th 2018. This may include LFIT Finals (these are typically scheduled for the last day of class) and Chem Lab Finals (these are typically scheduled for the last week of classes).