ARS Portal Help

Priority Registration Requests

  • As per portal notifications requests for PR by UG students were due at Noon, Tuesday March 5th, 2019.

Self-ID submission to connect with ARS

  • The last day for a student to submit a Self-ID and documentation to ensure we are able to make a determination for Spring 2019 Finals is Friday, 04/19 at 5pm.

Spring 2019 - Instructor notifications and test scheduling

  • Instructor Notifications - students connected with ARS should issue notifications to their instructors of their Spring 2019 classes starting Monday January 7 2019.

  • Exam scheduling - the ARS Portal will open for exam scheduling starting Monday January 7 2019. The 4 day advance scheduling rule will apply.

Spring 2019 Final Exams

  • Deadlines:

    • The ARS Portal will close at 12 PM (NOON) on Friday, April 12, for any remaining regularly scheduled testing and any FINAL exams that occur outside of the April 29th to May 7th Finals period with accommodations for graduate and undergraduate students up to and including the 'last day of class', LDOC. After this time, there will be no further scheduling for exams that are happening before or on April 26.

    • The portal will open at 12 PM (NOON) on Friday, April 12, to begin scheduling all Spring 2019 final examinations for students with testing accommodations.

    • The portal will close for finals scheduling at 12 PM (Noon) on Tuesday, April 23. After the portal closes on Tuesday April 23, there will not be any further scheduling and no changes will be accepted, even if a student has already scheduled their final exam. Extenuating circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis. ALL FINAL EXAM SCHEDULES WILL BE CONSIDERED CONFIRMED AS ENTERED AT NOON ON TUESDAY, APRIL 23.

    • Final exams will begin seating on Monday, April 29, and run through until Tuesday, May 7.

      • There will be no seating for finals on Wednesday, May 1 or Saturday, May 4 / Reading Days, 

      • There will be two seatings for each exam day – 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM. When scheduling their exams through the portal, students should select the start time that is closest to the actual start time of their final for the rest of the class and unless an accommodation explicitly permits it, on the same day of the scheduled final. ARS will not make any exceptions or allow seating outside of these two start times.

      • You can find that schedule at https://registrar.unc.edu/academic-calendar/final-examination-schedule-fall.

      • In order to schedule for a date other than that laid out in the Registrar's Final Examination schedule, students will need to complete the Exam Excuse Form (https://advising.unc.edu/) and will need permission from the instructor.

  • Excuses: If you have specific and assigned testing accommodations that mean that you need to schedule your exams outside of the ARS parameters described above, you will need to fill out the Exam Excuse Request form from Academic Advising; that form can be found via their website here: https://eef.oasis.unc.edu/. If you need any help with determining if you should use this form, please email ars@unc.edu.

  • Students:

    • Students schedule their own exams.

    • ARS staff will not be able to make changes outside of the portal parameters.

    • Staff in the ARS office will do their best to assist with questions and identifying system errors, but are not responsible for student errors made when scheduling.

    • Final exams are expected to last 3 hours unless otherwise specified by course instructions. Students should consult their course syllabi or instructor for information regarding the length of the final, and secure information related to the preference of instructors around scheduling. Instructors are sent scheduling information with start and finish times, and are invited to assist students with identifying errors in scheduling.


  • Instructors:

    • Instructors are reminded that agreed accommodations are legally mandated.

    • ARS staff will not proctor any finals with audio/visual or timed components. For these types of exams, ARS encourages instructors to make on-site arrangements for students with accommodations, and staff will be able to offer assistance concerning any such provisions and questions the instructors may have.

    • The most common testing accommodations are "+50% extended testing time" (meaning that a 3 hour final exam will seat for 4.5 hours) in a “low distraction setting.” This is a setting outside of the usual classroom or testing center that limits interruptions and other environmental impacts.

  • Seating Placement: Once the portal closes, ARS will begin seating placement assignments. Students will be notified via email of their testing locations. Once assigned, students cannot be moved. Students cannot request special seating placement; assignments are based on approved accommodations and cannot be altered.

  • Responsibilities: Failure to make the appropriate arrangements and adhere to ARS scheduling policies and procedures may result in a student not being able to utilize their accommodations during final exams. ARS staff cannot make changes to final exam scheduling outside of the portal parameters, cannot make last minute changes or adjustments, and are not equipped to facilitate any exams outside of the parameters set forth above.

  • Questions: If you have any questions during this final exam scheduling, we encourage you to email our office at proctor@unc.edu for clarification. We will be happy to help you navigate this process to the best of our ability and as time allows.