New Applicants

New Applicants

We are thrilled that you are considering applying to UNC - Chapel Hill

To enquire about academic accommodations you are welcome to contact Accessibility Resources on T. 919 962 8300 / E.

To enquire about any housing needs you may have you are welcome to contact Carolina Housing on T. 919 962-5401 / E.

To enquire about any dietary needs you may have you are welcome to contact our Registered Dietitian in Dining Services via

UNC - Chapel Hill welcomes prospective students with disability related accommodation concerns and needs; academic, housing or dietary, to visit. To set up a visit please contact Accessibility Resources on T. 919 962 8300 or E.

An Understanding of the Differences between the Responsibilities of High Schools and Colleges is Critical to Successful Transition.

Source: This material was adapted from material developed by the NC Association on Higher Education and Disability

If you have any questions or concerns about the Registration process please refer to the policies listed on this page or contact us.

  • ​This form is for use by incoming or current students who have a diagnosed disability.
  • Accommodations cannot be provided retroactively.