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This form is for use by any incoming or existing student including program applicants to connect with ARS for accommodations and for existing students already connected with ARS with accommodations to seek additional or modified accommodations.

Please note:

  • If you have one, we will use your UNC email address to communicate with you. Please add to your 'safe sender' list.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about the accommodation request process please refer to our policies or ccontact us by email or using our Zoom Office Hours.
  • Pay particular attention to any subsequent email as it will contain very specific instructions about what steps you must take to progress your accommodations request.
  • If you need guidance concerning documentation or are making an ESA request please refer to the Documentation Guidelines, plus Information applicable to ESA Accommodation Requests
  • As a reminder, accommodations cannot be provided retroactively and to provide an opportunity for the application of a fair process, students must submit the self-id and documentation described in the applicable Policy on Student and Applicant Accommodations at least 14 calendar days in advance of them being implemented or needed.
  • The submission of the Self-Identification form and documentation does not, in itself, guarantee the provision of the accommodations requested as these are determined on a case-by-case basis and based upon our understanding of the impacts/functional limitations you are experiencing as evidenced in the documentation available and the reasonableness of the modifications requested, including whether the modification(s) requested is possible, plausible, whether it may result in a fundamental alteration and whether it may pose a direct threat to self or others.
Self Identification Form and Documentation Upload
Documentation Upload

If you are not able to upload documentation using the links below, please forward by email it to Alternatively, you can fax it to 919-843-5609. Please be sure to include your PID in the subject line or cover sheet.

Your program:
Disability or medical condition

By providing my UNC PID and ONYEN below I affirm that I am electronically signing this document and that by doing so, I acknowledge that: (1) only I, the student or applicant, have filled out this form; (2) this application will not be processed until pertinent documentation of disability has also been provided; (3) the Accommodations and Modifications Committee will consider the accommodations as requested on this form; (4) I authorize the Accommodations and Modifications Committee and individuals providing information in my disability-related documentation to consult as part of the review process; (5) accommodations, if rendered, may not be the same as those I received in high school or at another institution, and will not apply retroactively; (6) the accommodation determination process will take up to 14 days; (7) deadlines are applicable after which accommodation requests in relation to Final examinations cannot be processed.