Resources for Students

Resources for Students

To Access Supplemental Note-taking Support

  1. Read and follow the instructions on the Supplementary Notes Request form.
  2. If ARS approves your request and we are able to secure the services of a supplemental notetaker, a member of ARS Staff will contact you with directions on how to get supplementary notes via Sakai.


First you should investigate to see if the book you need is already in the a digital/alternative format by searching the This service helps providers, students, faculty, and publishers find the products, services, and up-to-date accessibility information they need. AccessText is available to everyone; no membership required.
AccessText may indicate that the textbook being sought is available from one of the following sources.
  • VitalSource - formerly CourseSmart.​
  • Bookshare - FREE to qualifying members, Bookshare provides books in DAISY* and Braille Refreshable Format (BRF). ARS will certify qualifying members.
  • Learning Ally - produces books in audio format and DAISY* (Digital Accessible Information System) format for members who qualify. Accessibility Resources has an organizational membership. Check the Learning Ally website to see if you qualify and if the book is available. If you meet the criteria, complete the form below giving details of the publication(s). ARS staff will then order the book and send it to you via e-mail.​
  • Hathi Trust Digital Library - login using your onyen and password
  • Free public domain audiobooks - read by volunteers from around the world
If you require any assistance obtaining a digital copy from the above sources please contact ARS Staff.
If an electronic copy is not readily available from any of the sources above ARS can convert a 'hard-copy' into a digital copy; please complete the E-Book Request. Please note that such requests will take a minimum of 10 Business Days to fulfill.
Textbooks converted by ARS may need to have the binding broken to be scanned. The UNC Student Stores Coursepack office will put a spiral binder on the book at no charge. The student stores may not be willing to buy back the book at the end of the semester once the binding has been broken.
If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

UNC Resources


 Mostly Free AT - shares a wide variety of assistive technology for many platforms.

Chrome Extensions / Apps

  • SpeakIT / Select and Speak - Select text you want to read and listen to it. SpeakIt converts text into speech so you no longer need to read
  • Grammarly -  a free spelling and grammar checker to help you write without mistakes
  • Ginger - Write without spelling mistakes and grammar errors in popular websites such as Facebook, Gmail and Twitter. Install Ginger on your Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari browser and see your texts being proofread and corrected with a single click.
  • StayFocused - increases your productivity by limiting the amount of time that you can spend on time-wasting websites.
  • SpokenText - online text to audio convertor 
  • Dictation  - dictate directly into a 'word-processor' in the Google Chrome browser and save or export
  • Read & Write Gold

For your Windows Laptop

Productivity Suite

  • My Study Bar – a suite of applications to aid productivity from EduApps.

Text to speech

Mind mapping / Planning


  • OneNote -  for any of your devices or use it on the web.

Speech to Text

For your MAC Laptop

Text to Speech

Mind mapping / Planning


Speech to Text

Supporting planning and organizing assignments / projects / papers

Supporting notetaking and recording lectures

Other possibilities

  • Recordbox: - turn your iPhone into a recording device for use in lectures.
  • Note Taker HD: - an app for writing and organizing handwritten notes, diagrams, etc., on the iPad, and for annotating PDF files.
  • SoundNote: . App available through app store for iPad and iPhone.
  • Evernote: . App available through app store for MacBooks.