CART Request

Accessibility Resources and Service (ARS) is committed to ensuring equal access and reasonable accommodation in classes, services, programs, and activities, for students who are deaf or hard of hearing.

CART - Process for Requesting Services

  1. ARS uses an agency to provide CART (Communication Access Real-time Translation) Services. Each semester, students have the responsibility to inform ARS of their new schedules by completing a CART Service Request Form prior to classes beginning or before the last day of late registration as per UNC’s Academic Calendar (
  2. For Spring 2021, CART services can be requested via this form for in-person or remote - synchronous/live/in real-time classes only - requests related to classes meeting in any other way should be directed to as soon as possible.

Absences, Modifying and Canceling CART Requests

  1. It is the responsibility of the recipient of CART services to provide 24-hours advance notice via email to and Carolinas Captioning, when CART services are not needed for a specific class meeting. CART users should refer to each of their syllabi to determine, in advance, the days needed for service.
  2. If the recipient accrues three (3) or more absences without notifying ARS in advance, we reserve the right to pause services until the recipient can meet with a staff member, or to cancel any future CART services scheduled for the class or event. Please note, even if services are missed for one particular class, CART will be paused for the entire class schedule.
  3. When adding, modifying (including any changes to a student’s course schedule) or canceling CART services completely for any class, it is the responsibility of the recipient of CART services to provide a 24-hour notification via email to and

Late Arrivals

  1. In the event of tardiness arriving to a class or event by more than 15 minutes, please notify ARS office by phone 919 962 8300 or e-mail, as well as emailing Carolinas Captioning ( The CART writer may not be available if notice is not given.
  2. If the provided CART writer is more than 15 minutes late to your session, please contact ARS and Carolinas Captioning.

After hours/weekends (ARS is open Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm ET)

  1. Should the recipient have a CART emergency after hours, the contact information is as follows:

CART for Non-Classroom Activities

Clinicals, Clerkships, Practicums, Externships, Internships, Field Trips etc.

  1.  Accommodations for non-classroom activities should be discussed with your professors at the beginning of each semester. Once given the specific dates and times of the activities, please reach out to ARS. The process to evaluate, design and implement accommodations in these settings need to be done well in advance of the start of the fieldwork and preferably before locations are assigned, since accommodations at these sites can involve a multi-department effort.

CART for University-sponsored activities outside of class

  1. For University –sponsored activities outside of class please contact the EOC office at or by calling 919-966-3576.
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