Deadline Extension Request - for assignments, papers, reports etc only - *** not scheduled tests/exams ***

Students are expected to schedule their time with consideration given the possibility that they may experience challenges as a consequence of their disability or chronic medical condition and with the knowledge that work for other classes may be due.

A student with this accommodation assigned to their accommodation plan who is unable to meet a paper or assignment deadline as a consequence of a disability or chronic medical condition must first discuss this accommodation with their instructors and make them aware of this accommodation as soon as reasonably practicable. The student may then request a paper or assignment extension by completing the form below. If the form is not submitted as soon as is reasonably practicable (and barring exceptional circumstances), the request will be rejected.  Please note, a copy of this request form will be submitted to your instructor and to ARS for records. In most cases it will be the instructor who makes the decision, but ARS may be involved when the request is more complex or at the request of the instructor.

Extension requests should usually be short, that is, a matter of a one or two day extension. A student who is experiencing a more significant challenges with meeting deadlines or who has multiple classes with deadlines which are difficult to meet, should meet with an ARS staff member to consider alternative strategies.

Instructors (and ARS) should consider deadline extension requests ONLY when ALL FOUR of the following conditions are met:

  1. The accommodation is appropriate and reasonable in relation to the student's disability or medical condition, and the particular challenges the student experiences as a consequence of the disability or medical condition.
  2. The granting of the extension will not fundamentally compromise the critical, fundamental purpose or focus of the assessment task.
  3. Academic standards are not compromised as a consequence of the extension i.e. the student is able to meet the "essential," "academic," and "technical" standards of the class/program.
  4. Ordinarily, the student should submit the form at least three business days before the original due date. If the due date is within the next three business days please make direct contact with ARS via 919-962-8300 or Please note, the earlier the request is made the better.

Please note:

  1. The submission of this form does not guarantee an extension; following the submission of this form, you may need to schedule a meeting with your instructor and/or ARS to discuss your request.
  2. By completing this form, you are requesting an extension for a single assignment / project / paper and, if granted, this will not establish a permanent accommodation for any future assignment / project / paper deadlines.
Text After Submit Button: 

When you submit this form, please note that the request will be sent to your instructor and a copy sent to ARS for information.