Per assignment deadline extension request form - not for tests/exams

Students are expected to schedule their time with consideration to the possibility they may experience challenges as a consequence of their disability / chronic medical condition and with the knowledge that work for other classes may be due.

A student with this accommodation assigned to their Accommodation Plan who is unable to meet a paper or assignment deadline as a consequence of a disability / chronic medical condition should discuss this accommodation with their instructors and make them aware of this accommodation as soon as reasonably practicable.

Providing that a per assignment deadline extension will not fundamentally compromise the critical, fundamental purpose or focus of the assessment task and that academic standards will not be compromised, a student may request a deadline extension in advance of the submission date. This can happen through conversation with the instructor or by using the deadline extension request form. The submitted form will be sent to ARS and the Instructor and if there are no concerns regarding course obligations, the instructor will implement the deadline request. If there are concerns, instructors must contact ARS.

ARS staff consider the following circumstances when considering whether this accommodation is appropriate:

  • The accommodation is appropriate in relation to the student's disability / chronic medical condition and the particular challenges the student experiences as a consequence of the disability / chronic medical condition.
  • The granting of this particular accommodation does not compromise the critical, fundamental purpose or focus of the assessment task.
  • Academic standards are not compromised.
  • The impact of the proposed extension on other students, for example in the case of a group assignment or project.

Please note:

The submission of the per assignment deadline extension request form may not guarantee an extension. Following the submission of this form, you may need to schedule a meeting with ARS to discuss your request.

By submitting this form, I am confirming that I have issued instructor notifications, have followed up with my instructor(s) to discuss how to utilize this accommodation.and am requesting an extension to a SINGLE deadline. If granted, I understand that this WILL NOT establish a permanent accommodation or guarantee for any future deadline extension requests.