Non-Standard Scheduling Request Form for Tests/Exams/Timed Assessments

The Non-Standard Scheduling Request Form is currently being reserved for special circumstances, following the guidelines below:

  • If you are a student:

    • scheduling exams for Face-to-Face/Hybrid (F2F/H) courses in which the professor will be proctoring other students, and you are approved for more complex testing accommodations where implementation is more involved (reader/scribe, paper formatted exam, etc.) and may not be easily facilitated by your instructor or a TA, please use this form.

    • taking Remote or HyFlex/synchronous courses courses, and have the more complex/involved accommodations listed above, please use this form.

  • Students with testing accommodations such as low distraction, variations of extended time, and stopped clock, and where their instructor or a TA can proctor the exam and their accommodations can easily be facilitated in an online platform, do NOT need to use this form.

  • Submission of this form does not guarantee your test/exam/assessment can be scheduled at the requested day and time. The ability to schedule an exam is dependent upon the availability of staff. We will work with you to find an appropriate day and time.  


This form must be submitted at least one week prior to the requested seating date

Text After Submit Button: 

You will receive confirmation if we are able to schedule your exam. Please follow up with us via email if you do not receive a response within 2 business days.


By submitting this form, I acknowledge that: (1) Submission of this form does NOT guarantee my assessment can be scheduled. (2) ARS will reach out to me to confirm only if the assessment can be scheduled. (3) Each request is considered on a case-by-case basis: seating and staff availability, timeliness of my request, extenuating factors, and my prior request record will be considered when reviewing my request. (4) I should reach out to my instructor to discuss alternate arrangements for testing, should ARS not be able to fulfill this request; (5) Per the university’s honor code, all information I have given above is accurate.