Priority Registration Request for SPRING 2023 classes - for ARS connected, College of Arts and Science undergraduate students only

  • This request form is for use by students connected with Accessibility Resources and Service only. Students not connected with ARS submitting this form will be considered to be in breach of the Honor Code.
  • You must request Priority Registration in order for it to be granted,
  • Requests must be submitted each semester for the following registration session using this form.
  • To help manage this process, ARS has a Priority Registration deadline (this deadline is widely published via ARSHub announcements and social media channels), but legitimate requests received after the deadline will be forwarded to the Registrar's Office for their attention.
  • Priority Registration can allow students to build a schedule which is sympathetic to a range of needs arising from a disability or medical condition - for example: managing medication, dealing with transitions between classes and maximizing the effectiveness of accommodations.
  • PR appointments will not show up in your Student Center at the same time as your regularly assigned appointments. Please continue to check your Student Center (NOT your dashboard) for your PR appointment.
  • Finally, please be sure to monitor your Connect Carolina record for priority registration appointment appointments, any service indicators, holds or errors which may act as a barrier to registration; ARS does not have the administrative control required to intervene to remove or correct any such service indicators, holds or errors.