Supplementary Notes Request

Supplementary Notes Request

Please Note: ARS does not consider Supplementary Notes to be an accommodation, it is a service and ARS cannot make any guarantees concerning the quality or availability of class notes. Students should make use of the Learning Center to develop their independent notetaking skills and use, where appropriate, assistive technology resources available. ARS can, as an accommodation, loan students a SmartPen, Digital Recorder or the Audio Notetaker smartphone app and computer application.

Following the receipt of a Supplementary Notes Request, ARS will email all students in the class for which you are requesting notes inviting volunteers. Up to 3 e-mail invitations will be issued.

  • Volunteer note takers will not be given your details i.e. a volunteer will not know the identity of the person receiving their notes.

  • The volunteer note taker will be asked to upload their notes into Sakai for your use.

  • The volunteer will receive 'credit hours' for their assistance. 

  • Students who receive supplementary notes are responsible for attending class and for being an active participant in the learning process.

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