Student Organizations and Supports

Student Organizations and Supports

Advocates for Carolina

We hope to inspire our peers and community members so that they may realize that our differences make us the same, and the challenges we face make us stronger.

In the fall of 2012, four students, three of whom had experienced amputations, came together to form what would become UNC's first organization for students who have a passion for disability advocacy work. Whether we know someone with a disability or have ever been impacted by one ourselves, disability means something different to all of us. For some, it is a part of their identity. For others, it is a challenge they have had to overcome. For many, it is experienced indirectly through a loved one.  All of our experiences are different, but we share a common belief: we believe that the word 'disability' should empower us.  Please join the Advocates for Carolina committee and help us to raise disability awareness and achieve the equality that all students deserve. YOUR voice matters, so make it heard!

ASD Social Group

College can be stressful and making friends can be hard.

The UNC ASD Social Club will provide an opportunity to meet other students and learn about building social networks and relationships in a supportive environment.

Mindy Govan: 919-966-4783
Whitney Brooks: 919-966-4684



A communication channel using the Slack App for UNC students living with a chronic illness / medical condition. Sign up with your UNC email address at and start sharing and supporting other students with a chronic illness / medical condition.

Carolina Veterans Association

The CVO is a student-run organization that aims to provide veteran and military-affiliated students with resources, opportunities, and support to help facilitate a successful transition into higher education and foster a strong foundation for the future.

The Carolina Veterans Organization recognizes all undergraduate and graduate veteran students and their families. We strive to encourage and promote their integration both academically and socially into the UNC-Chapel Hill community. This is accomplished by providing opportunities for veteran students to: meet and socialize with other UNC-Chapel Hill students, get involved in campus life, receive counseling both academically and personally, and make the most of their Chapel Hill experience while giving back to the community. CVO also serves as an advocate for student veteran awareness and accommodations across the University.

Have a Veteran specific question, struggling to find the answer? Contact the Carolina Veterans Organization at or at (919) 907-0286 or visit our website which has a wide array of resources:

Student Veterans Assistance Coordinator

Join the listserv available at for weekly newsletters with an array of information from campus events, scholarship opportunities, VA education benefit updates, and more!  

Amber Mathwig
Student Veterans Assistance Coordinator
Office of the Dean of Students
SASB North,
450 Ridge Road Suite 1106,
Campus Box 5100
TTY 711 (NC Relay)
Fax: 919-843-9778



A communication channel using the Slack App for UNC students living with CF. Sign up with your UNC email address at and start sharing and supporting other students with CF.

E.A.S.E. (Easing Abroad Students Entry)

Is a student organization at the university of North Carolina at Chapel Hill that welcomes international students and helps integrate them into life at Carolina. The organization helps foster the mentoring relationships that the study abroad office organizes by pairing each undergraduate foreign student with an American student. EASE plans various social events and outings to help transition all students to Carolina. EASE aims to create a fun, relaxed social context where students can share concerns/issues as well as make friends and create lasting memories. For more information, join their Facebook Group, UNC E.A.S.E.

Embody Carolina

Embody Carolina is a new campus initiative that aims to educate students about identifying and supporting someone struggling with an eating disorder. Eating disorders affect around 10-20% of college women, and 4-10% of college men. Even higher percentages of students struggle with negative body image, disordered eating, and low self-esteem. These disorders and issues are not only potentially physically destructive, but are emotionally and mentally exhausting, detracting from students’ abilities to pursue their true interests.

Embody recognizes that there is no replacement for professional treatment of disorders and in no way seeks to do so.  The four-hour, student led training program is meant to help students identify the signs of struggle, learn to approach friends with sensitivity and compassion, seek out professional help in the community, and serve as allies in the recovery process. The program also aims to dispel common myths about eating disorders and inform students about the dangers and realities of these disorders.

To learn more about Embody Carolina and their work on campus, visit the website at

Heels & Hearts

Is a diabetes advocacy organization at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Our mission is for our members to…

Connect with students with diabetes
Connect with resources to navigate diabetes in college
Serve as mentors to youth with diabetes and their families in the greater Chapel Hill community


Psychiatric Illness is aimed at raising awareness about mental illnesses and challenging the stigmas that surround them. In order to encourage students to become advocates, Rethink runs student-led trainings throughout the school year in which participants learn the basics about mental illnesses, how to access resources at UNC, and how to be affirming friends and peers.

Check out the website for ways to get involved: