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Spring 2024 ARS Information!

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Important: Send accommodation notifications to your professors through the ARS Hub ASAP.

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Deadline Extension Request

With the benefit of advance notice of due dates and deadlines in course syllabi, students are expected to arrange their resources and time to take account of anticipated impacts of their disability/chronic medical condition. This accommodation should be utilized sparingly in the event that there is an exacerbation in functioning and impacts that could not be reasonably anticipated.

The limited per-assignment deadline extension accommodation is not designed to comprehensively address and fully support a student who misses or is unable to meet multiple course deadlines. Frequent use of this accommodation is contrary to its intent and the student should be encouraged to reach out to ARS to explore other options - e.g. course drop, course withdrawal, an underload, or IN grade assignment. Instructors concerned about the implementation of this accommodation or concerned that it is being used outside of its intended purpose are asked to reach out to ARS to discuss options.

  • A student with the limited per-assignment deadline extension accommodation should first discuss its use with their instructors as soon as they can and before it may be needed to make them aware of the possibility that they may need to use this accommodation and to address how it is to be used and the limitations that may be applicable. 
  • Providing that a deadline extension will not fundamentally compromise the critical, fundamental purpose or focus of the assessment task and that academic standards will not be compromised, this specific accommodation allows the student to REQUEST a limited per-assignment deadline extension IN ADVANCE, when possible, of the submission deadline. This can happen through conversation with the instructor or by using the deadline extension request form. 
  • If there is an extenuating circumstance related to disability (i.e. significant flare in condition) that inhibits the student from being able to submit a deadline extension request and there are faculty concerns, please contact ARS.
  • A copy of the submission will be sent to ARS and the Instructor, and if there are no concerns regarding course obligations, the instructor will implement the deadline request by emailing the student and copying ARS. If there are questions or concerns, instructors should contact ARS for further information and clarification. 
  • The submission of the limited per-assignment deadline extension does NOT guarantee an extension will be granted. Following the submission of this form, a student may need to meet with the instructor to discuss alternatives if an extension is not able to be granted. 
  • A student submitting a limited per-assignment deadline extension request, is confirming that they have issued instructor notifications, have followed up with the instructor(s) to discuss how to utilize this accommodation, and that the request is applicable to a SINGLE deadline and If granted, this WILL NOT establish a permanent accommodation or guarantee the outcome of any future deadline extension requests.  

On receipt of a limited per-assignment deadline extension and to help guide their decision considering the length and feasibility of a deadline extension, instructors are invited to consider the following:

  • Whether the granting of this particular accommodation compromises the critical, fundamental purpose or focus of the assessment task. 
  • Whether specific academic standards and expectations are being compromised. 
  • The impact of the proposed extension on other students, for example in the case of a group assignment or project or when it is necessary to release results and outcomes for future course activities/learning. 
  • Whether the accommodation is being utilized outside of its intended purpose; frequent deadline extension requests may indicate that this is the case. 

For further information and to share concerns contact ARS.

Deadline Extension Request Form
e.g. from the syllabus statement/instructor communication, etc.
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