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Spring 2024 ARS Information!

Read Now for important information about testing accomodations, access and mobility, ARS office operations, and accommodation notifications.

Important: Send accommodation notifications to your professors through the ARS Hub ASAP.

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Request Forms

Non-Standard Test Scheduling Request Form
The Non-Standard Scheduling Request Form (NSS Form) should be used if you have missed the one-week deadline to schedule your exam through the ARS Hub.

Report an Access Barrier
This form should be submitted to report cases of an access barrier that exists on campus (such as a broken elevator, no easement for a sidewalk crossing, etc.). DO NOT use this form to request accommodations. To request accommodations for a disability/medical condition, please Connect with ARS.

Consent to Share Documentation Form
Students may complete this form to request for ARS to share information such as accommodations or documentation to a specific person or agency. You should complete this form if you would like a copy of your accommodations or documentation, or if you need us to send information to Study Abroad, another institution, to a standardized test agency (GRE, MCAT, LSAT), etc.

Glean Loan Request Form
If you have access to Glean as one of your approved accommodations, please fill out this form to request an account and an ARS staff member will contact you with access information.

Deadline Extension Request Form
The Limited Per-Assignment Deadline Extension Request Form should only be used if you have this accommodation and have already discussed your Accommodation Plan with the instructor. Use this form to request a per assignment deadline extension due to a disability / chronic medical condition.

Alternative Format / E-Text Request Form
At least 6 weeks prior to the start of the semester, students must contact their instructors to discuss any alternative text needs for their courses. Students must work with instructors to identify any required textbooks, in-class handouts, Sakai/Canvas or other materials posted in a classroom management system, and any other required readings that will need to be made available in an accessible format.‚Äč

CART Request Form
ARS uses an agency to provide CART (Communication Access Real-time Translation) Services to ensure equal access and reasonable accommodation in classes, services, programs, and activities, for students who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Provider Documentation Form
Only licensed health care professionals may submit this form to share documentation with ARS. Documentation must substantiate the fact that the condition (disability or chronic medical condition) is present, limiting a major life activity or major bodily function with impacts upon functioning.

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