Request Forms

Request Forms

This form allows your documentation to be shared with a specific person or agency. Please complete, only at the express invitation of ARS Staff.

Following the receipt of this request, ARS will email all students in the class for which you are requesting notes inviting volunteers.  Please note, ARS does not consider Supplementary Notes to be an accommodation, and cannot make any guarantees concerning the quality or availability of class notes. Students should make use of the Learning Center to develop their independent notetaking skills and use, where appropriate, assistive technology resources available. ARS can, as an accommodation, loan students a SmartPen, Digital Recorder or the Audio Notetaker smartphone app and computer application.

This page provides instructions for conducting your own search for digital/alternative format books.   If you require any assistance obtaining an alternative format / digital copy  or if no source can be found,then use this form to ask ARS to contact the publisher for a copy.

Audio Notetaker is a smartphone app and computer program which records audio.  The software divides content into manageable chunks.  It allows the user then builds powerful resources by adding slides, diagrams and text notes alongside the recording.

Use this form to   request  an extension needed due to a disability or chronic medical condition.  Students must already have this accommodation type on their record, and have already discussed the situation with their instructor.

This request form is for use by students registered with Accessibility Resources and Service only. Students not registered with ARS submitting this form will be considered to be in breach of the Honor Code.

You must request Priority Registration in order for it to be granted - requests must be submitted each semester for the following semester using this form. If granted Priority Registration, you will typically be allocated the first registration slot (8:00 am to 8.30am) on the day you would be assigned according to your ‘semesters in residence’.